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Aviva Life Insurance Australia was acquired by the NAB , this company has been operational for over 100 years. The oldest company that eventually merged to form Aviva Australia was founded in the year 1696. Aviva is considered as one of the most reputed companies in Australia since this company has been around since a very long time.

Aviva Worldwide

Aviva has offices in over 30 destinations worldwide and is considered as the top most insurer in the United Kingdom. Globally, this company has premium income and investment sales of over $78 Billion and this company has over 56,000 employees working worldwide. Earlier on this company was known as Norwich Union Australia and this company was renamed to Aviva Insurance on October 1st 2003.

Aviva Insurance Products

Although Aviva is known to sell comprehensive life insurance policies, this company also offers other insurance products such as income protection insurance plans, critical illness plans and total & permanent disability insurance plans. Each of the insurance products offered by this company is considered to be the best in the market since these insurance products are not only flexible but also cost effective.

This company not only offers the option to select the insured amount of the select policy but also the beneficiaries, the premium payment plan type, the waiting period and additional benefits such as disability cover.

Aviva Australia is considered to be the leading insurance provider in Australia since this company not only approves claims quickly but also because the agents working in this company are true professionals who have experience in this field.

Buyers who want to get a new insurance policy often trust the agents from this company for advice since these employees are known to help buyers understand their own requirements and get a policy that is suitable for them. Aviva also offers various deals, promotional offers and rebates when buyers opt for the services of this company through a broker’s website.

Aviva Customer Care

Whatever your need is, Aviva Life insurance can help you get the right policy for you and your family. Buyers who opt for the services of this company do not have to worry about waiting for compensation, rejected applications and tedious claim processes since this company is truly professional and takes care of its customers.

Aviva Australia can change your life for the better and ensure that your family is taken care of when something happens to you.

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