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ING Life Insurance Australia is one of the leading fund managers in Australia and this company is also one of the leading superannuation providers in Australia. ING Australia is a joint venture between two companies that are ING group and Australian Bank ANZ. ING group owns 51 percent of the company while ANZ group owns 49 percent of the company.

ING Insurance Products

ING Australia offers various insurance products and life insurance is only one of these products. The other financial products offered by this company include banking investment services and retirement services. These products are offered to consumers through a network of financial advisors and brokers. This company also has its own group of financial advisors and buyers who are interested in buying policies can go through any one of these channels. The main advantage of buying an ING policy from brokers is that buyers can get discounts, rebates and other offers.

ING  Insurance Customer Care

ING has earned a reputation for providing excellent products and excellent customer service as well. In addition, this company is also known to provide excellent after sales care. Unlike many other insurance companies, ING believes that each customer has his own requirements hence the life insurance plans and other insurance plans offered by this company are highly customizable.

ING Life Insurance Plans

Buyers who opt for life insurance plans from this company can remain rest assured that they will get a plan that suits their requirements since the financial advisors or agents in this company help buyers understand which policy is ideal for them. Buyers are given payment options such as the option to select between stepped and levelled premiums. Buyers can also select when they want to pay the premiums, that is yearly, monthly or every fortnight. Buyers can also select their beneficiaries, the cooling off period and various other options while opting for ING insurance.

ING Life Insurance Australia is considered as the leading insurance provider for retirement and life insurance service since this company has experience in the insurance industry and has also built a hard earned reputation. ING believes in helping customers understand their own needs and also believes in giving customers what they want.

This company has secured the lives of many families in Australia and this company can help you secure your family’s future as well. Irrespective of the type of insurance product you require, ING has something for everyone and this company can help you ensure that your family remains financially secure at all times.  Recently ING started new retirement income protection program – ING Income Protection


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