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Macquarie Life Insurance was established in the year 1990. This company was established as part of the Macquarie Bank Group. Macquarie Life has a track record of developing innovative and excellent insurance products. This company is also known for the best practices in this field.

Macquarie Life offers an online product called Super Wise and buyers can get insurance by either using the SuperWise suite or by contacting a financial expert. The products offered by this company include life insurance, trauma insurance, disability income insurance, total and partial disability cover, child trauma insurance and blood borne disease insurance.

Macquarie Life has changed the way people look at insurance plans since the products offered by this company are customizable and this allows buyers to always be in charge. Buyers have the option to select from a range of options such as the type of premium plan, when they want to pay the premium, the face value amount, the waiting period and the name and number of beneficiaries. The policies offered by this company are reasonably priced and buyers are always given multiple payment options.

Unlike many other Australian life insurance companies, Macquarie Life neither believes in making customers wait for many days to get a policy nor does this company believe in making buyers fill out length questionaries. The application procedure to get a policy is relatively simple and buyers can get a policy within just a few days. Buyers are also not asked to take many medical tests, instead buyers are asked to take 1 or 2 medical tests and fill out a short form regarding their family history. In addition, this company strongly believes that buyers should not be made to wait for life insurance compensation when they are struck with a tragedy hence their claim application process is fast as well.

Macquarie Life Insurance is also known to provide excellent income protection plans that ensure that the policy holder does not have to suffer financially when he is unable to perform at work due to an illness or injury. Policy holders are given a monthly compensation amount by Macquarie Australia when they cannot work due to health reasons. Due to these qualities and the dedication of Macquarie Life to the Australian insurance market, this company has successfully changed how people view insurance companies and if given a chance Macquarie Life can also improve your life.

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