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The company MLC Life Insurance has been around since a long time and this company understands the insurance needs of Australian citizens. MLC Australia has been operational since over 120 years and has received multiple awards for selling excellent insurance products. In 2007 MLC was supposed to be the best insurance service provider in Australia. MLC was founded in the year 1886 and AA rating by the International Rating’s Agency.

MLC is known to sell excellent life insurance plans that are both affordable and can be customized to suit the buyer’s requirements. This company also offers customers other insurance products such as trauma insurance, total and partial disability cover, child trauma cover, disability income insurance, blood borne diseases insurance and business expenses insurance.  MLC also provides superannuation solutions and employee benefit solutions. This company manages over $85 Billion for individual and corporate investors in Australia. MLC has employed over 1300 people in Australia and is partnered with 3000 independent licensed advisors.

MLC is known to be the leading provider for insurance in Australia since this company believes in educating buyers and giving them many options to choose from. Unlike other companies, MLC doesn’t believe in forcing buyers to get a certain policy by giving only minimal options. The agents or financial advisors working for this company ensure that buyers buy plans that are suitable for them, by educating buyers and helping them understand what is best for them.

This company offers a unique benefit to buyers who opt for critical illness plans and this benefit is not offered by any other insurance company in Australia. This benefit allows policy holders to get advice from the best doctors in Australia. In addition, the policy holder’s family is also given an opportunity to get advice with one of the best doctors, provided the policy holder’s policy is active.

Since MLC Life Insurance operates by allowing authorized brokers to sell policies on their website, buyers who are interested in buying a policy from this company may want to look for a reputed and authorized broker who offers comparison services, offers free quotes and provides rebates or other deals. MLC has changed the way people think about life insurance and other insurance products. This company has helped people remain financially secure for over 120 years and it can also help you ensure that your family doesn’t have to worry about money for debts, loan or other obligations when something tragic happens to you.


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