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OnePath Life Insurance Company used to be known as ING Super and Investment in Australia. The Company has been helping people grow financially and protect their assets since the last 130 years . It is one of the leading companies that offer retirement solutions, investment and super investment products.

OnePath is now a wholly owned subsidiary of ANZ and operates as ANZ’s specialist wealth management company. OnePath was licensed to operate as ING till the year 2010 however after this date all the policies sold are under the name of OnePath Australia and not ING. OnePath is considered as one of the leading insurance providers in Australia since the policies offered are affordable and can be bought by anyone who wants to secure their family’s future.

Buyers who are interested in getting quotes or advice regarding life insurance, income protection insurance, trauma cover and TPD insurance can simply visit the company’s website or they can visit the website of a broker who offers insurance products from OnePath Australia. Buyers who buy insurance products from authorized brokers or the company’s website do not have to worry about facing any difficulties later on since the agents working for OnePath are extremely effective and help customers find solutions to their problems.

Since the application process and claims acceptance process of OnePath is relatively simple, many buyers often opt for the services of this company when they want to insure their life or protect their family’s financial future. Unlike many other insurance companies in Australia, OnePath doesn’t ask buyers to take a dozen medical tests or complete a lot of paperwork to get a policy. The application process is simple and buyers are given their policy in just a few days. Since OnePath understands that all buyers are different and they have different requirements, the policies offered are highly flexible. This company allows buyers to customize the policy and choose beneficiaries, choose the waiting period, choose the type of premium plan they want and also choose when they want to pay the premiums.

OnePath Life Insurance plans have changed the lives of many people in Australia and they have helped families live without worrying about money when they are struck with a tragedy. This company can also help you change your life and live without worrying about your family’s financial future since this company ensures that the compensation amount is given as soon as possible to the decided beneficiaries.


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