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Tower Life Insurance was originally formed in 1869 and the initial capital of this company was provided by the New Zealand Government. Originally this company was named as Government Life Insurance Office and in the year 1990 the name was changed to Tower Australia.

In the year 2006, on November 20th Tower Australia separated from the New Zealand business and after the formal demerger this company was listed on the AXA in the year 2006. This company was named the Money Management Risk Company in both the years 2006 and 2007 and Smart Investor’s Risk Insurer in the year latter year that is 2007. Both these awards indicated that Tower Australia is one of the leading companies in Australia that offers good insurance products such as life insurance, retirement benefits and superannuation products.

Tower Insurance Australia is committed to helping people secure their future by not only providing life insurance but also by providing other insurance products such as the Tower Accelerated Protection Plan and Crisis insurance. Another useful product that is offered by this company is funeral insurance. Tower Australia is one of the few companies that offer comprehensive funeral insurance that ensures that the policy holder’s family does not have to worry about money for funeral expenses when the policy holder passes away.

Tower Australia is often the first choice for buyers who want to opt for any of the insurance products listed above since this company neither asks buyers to fill out length application forms nor does this company ask buyers to take painful and tedious medical tests. Buyers who are interested in opting for life insurance or any other type of insurance only have to provide a few details about their health status, family history and pass times. Nine out of ten times, buyers’ application forms are accepted in just a few days and after the selected cooling off period, buyers are eligible to enjoy all of the perks offered by Tower Australia.

If you want to secure your family’s future and do not want them to worry about mortgages, loans and other financial obligations that you have committed to then Tower Life Insurance is the company for you. Tower Australia has helped numerous people live without worrying about death, accidents or illnesses and this company can also help you and your family live a fulfilling life without being concerned about tragedies.


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