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Virgin offers financial solutions to Australians who are interested in getting life insurance, car insurance or need financial aid. This company offers personal insurance products such as Virgin car insurance and Virgin life insurance. Home loans and low rate credit cards are also offered to people who are interested in financial products offered by this company.

Eligibility Criteria

Virgin life insurance policies are offered to Australian residents who are between the ages of 18 – 65 years. Buyers who are eligible do not have to wait for many days for approval, since this insurer offers on the spot approval. You do not have to take medical tests or answer a series of health and lifestyle questions to get the policy. The only exceptions are if you have serious pre-existing conditions or have taken part in criminal activities and have a dangerous occupation. In such cases you may be asked to answer questions regarding your lifestyle and health.

Compensation Benefits

An advance $10,000 is given to your family on approval of the claim to help your family with legal, funeral or other expenses. The total compensation payment is given to your family in the event of your demise, as soon as possible. The chosen beneficiaries will be eligible to get the compensation payment once the claim has been filed and approved by the insurer.

You are in Control

The flexible range of premium options allows you to be in control at all times. In addition, you can change the beneficiaries, add beneficiaries, change details, add a partner or spouse and do much more after you purchase a policy from this insurer. You can change your cover as your needs and life circumstances change. You can also change your preferred payment option after you purchase a cover. The 30 day money back guarantee allows you to get back your money if you feel that the selected policy is not right for you. The 30 days also acts as a cooling period and reduces your premiums.

Flexible and Affordable Cover

All the plans offered by Virgin life insurance can be tailored to suit your requirements. By answering a few optional health and lifestyle questions you can reduce your premiums significantly. Life insurance policies from this insurer can be purchased for as less as $2.31 a week. This premium rate is for a non-smoking female adult who meets all the eligibility criteria. If you smoke or if you have pre-existing medical conditions then you may be charged a slightly higher premium every week. If you are interested in getting 1 month’s free cover then all you have to do is pay annual premiums over the phone. You can also get access to all the family discounts, deals and other offers offered by Virgin if you purchase a policy from this insurer.

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